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Seattle Seahawks Free Agency To Date

After everything that’s happened in the last week, it seemed like a good idea to start off this one with a quick recap of how things stand (as of this moment, anyway) with the Seattle Seahawks and their own free agents.  A few of these signings technically occurred just prior to the official start of […]

Jimmy Graham

The Seattle Seahawks’ Newest Solution To An Old Problem

The Seattle Seahawks have decided to play coy with NFL free agency thus far into the 2015 NFL year. That doesn’t mean all’s quiet on the veteran acquisition front. In fact, the Seahawks are exhibiting the same approach as always when it comes to top receiver talent: let’s go shopping. The shot heard ‘round the […]

Zach Miller

Is History Bound To Repeat Itself In Seattle?

My article last week was completely nullified by the Seattle Seahawks trading their 31st pick in the draft for New Orleans Saints Pro-Bowl tight end

Marcus Peters, Robert Davis

Legion Of Banged Up – With The 31st pick In The NFL Draft, The Seattle Seahawks Select …

With the free agent signing frenzy just beginning, the Seattle Seahawks have remained pretty quiet aside from re-signing Marshawn Lynch.  With around $20 million dollars in cap space for 2015, Seattle will turn to the draft to address certain needs they have on the team.  One of those needs is at the cornerback position. The […]

Brandon Marshall

The Seattle Seahawks And The Free Agent Field

Free agency begins on March 10th and all indicators point to the Seattle Seahawks being very active. While the Seahawks don’t have a mountain of money to spend like the Oakland Raiders ($63 million), they do have a respectable $30 million available to retool an already impressive Super Bowl roster. It is hard to pin-point […]

Ndamukong Suh

Cadillac Or Chevy? The Seattle Seahawks Look At Their Defensive Line Options

The Seattle Seahawks are known as a “draft and develop” organization. While this always sounds good to both the personnel executive saying it and to myriad NFL observers, the economic realities of the NFL make all teams “draft and develop” organizations. But that’s not all. The Seahawks are also known for making a splash or […]

Wide Receiver

2015 NFL Combine Wrapup For Seattle Seahawks Fans

The combine was held this past week in Indianapolis in front of a captive crowd of coaches, general managers, and scouts, each of them hoping to uncover the truth about the players they have been scouting all year. Now that the dust has settled, let’s examine how the combine shook out, and how it effects […]

Brandon Marshall

Seattle Seahawks Should Think Twice On Brandon Marshall

There are no credible rumors that the Seattle Seahawks are talking trade with the Chicago Bears about Brandon Marshall, but there is some logic to the concept. Pete Carroll and John Schneider had made inquiries about Marshall in 2010 before he was traded from the Broncos to the Dolphins for two second-round draft picks. They […]

Vic Beasley

What Do The Seattle Seahawks Need In The Offseason?

The NFL Scouting Combine has started and that means we’ll get a sneak peak at the top 300 draft prospects hoping to improve their standings and land with an NFL team in the upcoming draft. It also means that the 12th man can finally move on from the post Super Bowl depression. Well, I don’t […]

Wilson Lynch

Champions Reloaded – Seattle Seahawks Offseason Shopping List

A loss in the Super Bowl does not mean it’s time to panic or re-assess everything. But a little re-loading and some better playmakers on both sides wouldn’t hurt, and is exactly what can keep the Seahawks from falling behind the curve they started two years ago. Young playmakers Byron Maxwell, Jermaine Kearse, and Ricardo […]

Seattle Sonics

Will New Investor Group Bring A New Arena To Seattle?

Chris Hansen became a martyr when he announced his plan to build a multi-million dollar arena in SoDo that would bring back the Seattle Supersonics and potentially spawn a National Hockey League franchise as well.  There were rallies held featuring Seattle royalty and Mayor Mike McGinn and King County Executive Dow Constantine were on board […]

Green Beckham

Three Wide Receivers The Seattle Seahawks Should Consider Drafting

Draft season, a time of rebirth and overflowing exuberance, is upon us and it couldn’t have come any sooner. Technically, it began after the … well you know, but for Seattle Seahawks fans (this Seahawks fan anyway) the last two weeks were weeks for healing. Now, revitalized, I am prepared to scour over the draft […]