What To Look Forward To During The Super Bowl

February is fast approaching, and with it comes the 52nd edition of the Super Bowl, which will be held at the U.S Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. Throughout the season, the NFL teams compete for the chance to be one of the two teams that face of on this grand sporting event. While the Super Bowl match is quite exciting, there’s more to Super Bowl Sunday than the final game of the NFL season. Below are some things to look forward to while streaming the 2018 Super Bowl online.

The Halftime Show

One of the most anticipated things in the Super Bowl is The Halftime Show. While the players take their rest during the halftime, one or more hot musicians take the stage and treat the Super Bowl fans to an electrifying show also broadcast on TV. While the halftime show is short, it is one of the most memorable things about the Super Bowl. I bet everyone remembers Beyoncé setting the crowd on fire at the Superdome in 2013. This year, Justin Timberlake will be performing at the halftime show so you can look forward to another thrilling performance.

The Commercials

The Super Bowl is a very significant time of the year for advertisers. Being the most viewed TV show in the United States, every major company would wish to put their message in front of all these eyeballs. It is no wonder that Super Bowl ads cost millions of dollars for a few seconds of advertisement. If you are going to pay millions of dollars to put your message in front of hundreds of millions of people, then you have to make sure that your message is well crafted. Consequently, companies advertising during the Super Bowl do everything to make sure they have the most creative and memorable ad. For Americans, these ads are another reason to watch the Super Bowl. One of the most historical and famous Super Bowl ads was Apple’s 1984 commercial, which introduced the Macintosh while also creating today’s culture of great Super Bowl commercials.

Day Drinking

The Super Bowl Sunday is a day of uninhibited fun. Drinking is a significant part of this day, especially for those who can make it to the stadium. It is not unusual to see fans chugging bottles of beer even before the match begins. For those who cannot make it to the stadium, the norm is to watch the Super Bowl with friends or at the bar, with drinks to celebrate America’s largest sporting event. The best part is that no one will judge you for drinking, after all, it is Super Bowl Sunday.


While it not marked on any calendar, Super Bowl Sunday is a holiday for Americans. People gather together to celebrate with their friends and family. Since the Super Bowl is always held on a Sunday, most people are usually off from work. The amount of food that Americans consume on Super Bowl Sunday is only exceeded by the amount of food consumed on Thanksgiving Day. Therefore, as February 4th approaches, you already have an excuse for calling together your friends and family for a party as you enjoy the game.

The Bottom Line

If you do not have a cable subscription but still want to catch the 52nd edition of the Super Bowl, you should get a VPN for your computer or mobile device, which will allow you to stream the Super Bowl live from services like CBC or BBC. This is especially for those outside the US. Nevertheless, anyone watching the Super Bowl online should install a VPN for security.

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