March Madness 2018 – Looking Beyond Brackets

Brackets generate much of the frenzy surrounding NCAA March Madness. The sheer excitement, the possibility of recognition, success and a payout, and the thrill of a gamble are some of the things you have to look forward to when playing the brackets. However, as highlighted in this article March Madness is so much more than the brackets.

March Madness pools

Part of the reason people pick brackets is to take a shot at the pools. The assumption most people make is that a perfect bracket or one that’s close enough is what’s needed to win a pool. This is especially with large pools such as the ESPN’s tournament challenge. This is one of the most misleading assumptions as seen by looking records of the tournament. When it comes to the pool, getting the perfect bracket is not even a concern. In fact, some of the early losses are acceptable. The trick to winning a large pool lies in ensuring that you have more wins than everyone else. The specific number of wins could be different for each pool, but none of them will have an improbable number. Therefore, placing too much emphasis on the brackets and losing your mind over a few losses is not necessary.

The thrill of the game

While there is a definite thrill to picking brackets, it fades as time passes. In fact, if some of your surest picks lose, stress is bound to replace the fun. Instead of straining your health over brackets, you can instead focus on watching the actual game. There is a particular pressure that makes March Madness one of the most worthwhile and thrilling games to watch. Knowing that each team has only one chance to prove themselves with every game is a thrill that just doesn’t go away. Instead of stressing over your bracket picks, you should just sit back and watch the 2018 March Madness, which is more rewarding.

Learning to let go

Most of the mistakes you should avoid when selecting brackets can be linked to an inability to let go. When you find yourself growing overly emotional about your selections, trying to cover up for losses by making even more bets or in similar situations, then you should consider letting go. Playing at the brackets can be addictive in its own right, but that is not the most worrisome part. When it becomes difficult or impossible to let go, then the thrill of watching the game fades. This reduces March Madness, one of the most fantastic sporting events of the year into nothing more than a stage for bracket selection.

The Bottomline

The NCAA March Madness brackets are certainly here to stay, but they don’t have to be the entire focus of the game. The excitement that comes with watching the game, the desire to win a pool and avoiding being sucked into the bracket selection frenzy are some of the reasons why you should look beyond the brackets. That said, brackets are still a significant part of March Madness, and if you can avoid making critical mistakes while still enjoying the game, then you should partake.

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