Cheer Mob Put On By Blazer Gang

Where? Lloyd Center

When? April 19, 2014 at 3:00 PM

Blazer Gang, an up and coming fan page of the Portland Trail Blazers, have put together a Flash Mob type event. They are calling it a ‘Cheer Mob’. Will this be the new YouTube craze? We’ll soon find out.

Blazer Gang has partnered with other social media pages such as LaMarcus Aldridge for MVP, Press Station, Blazers Fan Page, and Team Lillard to spread the word on the event, which will take place at Lloyd Center Mall around the ice skating rink. The plan is for fans (wearing red Blazers gear, as it is a RED OUT) to meet near the Cinnabon and Macy’s locations and then gather around the ice skating rink to cheer, “Let’s go Blazers!” for about 1 minute before everyone casually walks away. A video will then be made in hopes of it going viral.

The video that is to follow will include local artist Yung Jordan’s song “Welcome to Rip City.”


In hopes of the video going viral, Blazer Gang and their affiliates hope to give the Blazers and city of Portland an extra boost for their 2014 NBA Playoff run. You can check out the event here via Facebook.

I recently touched base with the owner of Blazer Gang, Andre Miller (Dre), and asked a couple questions regarding the event.

Q: How did the cheer mob event come about?

A:        “It began with a few people just wanting to organize something for the fans. Ideas were running rapidly and this got thrown out there and we ran with it, contacting other pages to run the idea to their audience. We then contacted the mall and they liked the idea.”

Q: What are your hopes for the event?

A:        “To energize the team by making a great video. With the possibility to go viral, that shows the support they have from not only the fans, but Lloyd Center and the whole city of Portland.”

More partnerships and sponsors are in the works as Blazer Gang continues to get this event out to the public. They have had a helping hand from a few, including the new show Trail Blazers Pulse on Comcast SportsNet. With 1 week until the event, they won’t stop there.

This is going to be an epic event. I encourage all Blazers fans to attend. If you don’t make it, you will be one of those who will look back wishing you were there.