The Unluckiest Basketball Star Ever – Disqualified After Just 88 Seconds In The Match


Bad luck seems to still be following the defender with a height of 1m75. Isaiah Thomas could not have been fully … 2 minutes in the backyard after a disqualification situation, which according to many reviews is “quite ungainly”.

In the early morning match of 4 January between Washington Wizards and Portland Trail Blazers in the NBA tournament, Isaiah Thomas was disqualified after only 88 seconds on the grounds of “touching” the person holding the scale bounces.

More specifically, the defender playing for the Washington Wizards was disqualified during the team’s defeat against the Portland Trail Blazers with a score of 122-103. Isaiah Thomas in a ball dispute with the help of two players on the side of your team Carmelo Anthony and Damian Lillard “accidentally” impacted on the border referee – Mr. Marat Kogut, causing the referee to be pushed out to the audience seats behind.

And of course, Isaiah Thomas was immediately disqualified.

It can be seen that this action of Thomas is completely unintentional but from the referee’s perspective it is completely not so.

Isaiah Thomas only managed to score 2 points and … 1 turnover before he was disqualified. The former Boston Celtics player has been giving himself a performance of 13.5 points, 4.6 assists in the NBA 2019-20 season. Not long ago, the 30-year-old was disqualified for fighting with the audience on the pitch.

When the game was just over 1 minute, Washington Wizards player Isaiah Thomas had a ball challenge with Carmelo Anthony on the Portland Trail Blazers. While pulling the ball out of the opponent’s hands, Isaiah Thomas did not know whether it was accidentally or intentionally made an act of gently pushing the referee Marat Kogut.

Immediately, the Washington Wizards defender was black king disqualification. It seems that referee Marat Kogut believes that Isaiah Thomas opposed the decision to cut his whistle “outrageously” and sent him off the pitch.

However, from the situation that followed slowly, it seems that Isaiah Thomas did not deliberately scuffle with the referee. The act of pulling the ball out of an opponent’s hand and then throwing his arm forward simply helps the player balance his body before losing momentum.

With this decision, Isaiah Thomas had to “taste the bitter fruit” with a record of being kicked off the pitch fastest in the last 18 years in the NBA tournament. According to the report from Clutchpoints NBA, this is the first case in the NBA since December 2018 to be disqualified for the first 2 minutes.

Although not know the incident happened accidentally or intentionally but Isaiah Thomas will have to be more careful in the next match, if he does not want to repeat this mistake again.

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There will be a lot of controversy surrounding referee Marat Kogut’s decision, but the NBA tournament should probably reconsider the players’ acceptable reactions or behavior towards the referee in each match.

With the loss of the key player too early, the Washington Wizards suffered a final defeat of 103-122 against the Portland Trail Blazers.


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