The Total Self – New Year’s Resolutions And Tips


It’s that time of year once again (time is flying by already) to renew fitness goals and to at least try to better yourself and to become what you have always dreamed of. This article is all about The Total Self – how to make yourself better and to become the person you have always wanted to be.

NOTE: This article is not a substitute for sound medical advice. Please consult your primary care provider about the best course of action to meet your fitness goals.

This time of year, the gyms are full, people are buying every gadget known to man to make their weight-loss dreams come true. If you are a reader of my columns, you know I always begin and end with hard work, study and getting to know your body. To follow trends, no matter how popular they are, is just being trendy. People need to realize they can literally create their own fitness success and change their lives forever. In that spirit, here are a few tips and tricks that will prove useful going forward:

  • Realize that the only one who can change your life is you. Following people, trends and things of that nature will only take you so far. Please understand that you must be in complete ownership of your life. To control your destiny, you must understand yourself. To change your life, you must understand yourself. You must be willing to get rid of the things holding you back. You must be willing to put things in a perspective that works for you.
  • Execution is a must. To know what to do is one thing. To do these things is another. So many of us are great at joining things, becoming followers of movements and people. The “acid test” to fulfilling your New Year’s Resolutions is whether you will act on what you know or not. It’s not enough to just know what to do, it is imperative that you act on what you know.
  • Get to know yourself. Forget the fads, forget the trends. Find your strengths. Get to know your body and how it works. Let the bandwagon jumpers and all the rest follow the trends. You make the best of this time by getting know your body.
  • Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t- You’re right. Your mind is the most powerful muscle you have. Add to that, whether you have the will to succeed or not… all depends on whether you want it bad enough or not.
  • Change takes time. This is no “quick weight loss” scheme or anything like that. It has been written that change happens over the course of 30 days. So anything you’re doing to lose weight or to change your life, it is crucial that you stay the course. It is imperative that you are sincere about it. Please think critically and use your best judgment.

As I often say, The Basics Always Win. I say this for this reason: You must get to know your body, become a label reader, use good form when working out, stretching, eating healthy and good food. The basics are the bedrock for changing your life. You must understand yourself, you must become someone who is educated about your body and your mind.

As stated in the past, there is a mind-body link when it comes to fitness. This mind-body link is essential in your fitness quest. The mind-body link must be endowed by knowledge. Read up on whatever fitness goals you have. Bone up on some general biology so you can understand how the body works. Also read some other disciplines such as: psychology, maybe even some self-help books to open your mind to different points of view.

In closing, look to yourself, and not to some trainer or trend to change your life. This process will change your life. It will change your mind- it will change the way you think. This process is needed. This process will make your life better. Educating yourself is, in my opinion, better than working out because you are changing the way your mind works. Then you are changing the way your body looks. You are endowing yourself. Enhancing discipline, resiliency and overall intellect. Knowledge, discipline, and execution are just a few of the basics. THE BASICS ALWAYS WIN.



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