Top Five Seahawks Games of 2012

seahawksThe Seahawks open up the 2012 season with a rematch of the final game of last season. What, you didn’t know that? Oh yeah, The NFL released the schedule for the upcoming season on Tuesday. You probably weren’t paying attention but don’t worry I was. There were five games that grabbed my attention as the most interesting of the coming season.

Week one: Seahawks at Cardinals: The Seahawks couldn’t have asked for a more compelling opening game. The Seahawks last match-up with the cardinals was a great game that went into overtime but that’s not what makes the first game so interesting. No, the interesting thing is that the Seahawks and Cardinals are both considered as challengers to the 49ers stranglehold on the NFC west and this first game will go a long way to showing which of them is going to be a contender.

Week three: Packers at Seahawks: as the Seahawks only Monday night game of the season this would be interesting no matter whom the Seahawks were playing. The fact that their opponent on this Monday night is the former team of their projected starting quarterback just makes it more interesting. It’s going to be very compelling to see how Matt Flynn fares against his former team.


Week seven: Seahawks at Forty-Niners: The first match up of the season against last year’s NFC West champs is a road game almost halfway through the year. How the Seahawks fare against one of the best teams in the league in a road game on a Thursday night is going to go a long way towards proving what kind of team they are. If the Seahawks are winning games coming into week seven but come out flat and get thrashed they probably aren’t as good as they’ve looked. The flipside is also true; if they come out and play well in this game then they are probably a pretty solid team.

Week twelve: Seahawks at Dolphins: The Seahawks will be traveling practically as far as they can, without leaving the United States, for this game. Then they will have to deal with an early start. Early starts and long travel have proven to be problems for the Seahawks in the past. The fact that this early game is coming after a bye week is interesting to me because I’m hoping that the bye week will help them be better rested for the game.

Week 17: Rams at Seahawks: The final game of the Seahawks 2012 season will be against a team that should hopefully still be the worst team in the NFC west. It is very possible that the Seahawks will need a win in this game in order to make the playoffs and if not they will be using this game to showcase some young talent. Either way it should be an interesting watch.

So there you have it my top five games most interesting games of the Seahawk’s upcoming season. Which games are you most looking forward to?