Seattle Seahawks’ Percy Harvin For MVP?

This is not Hollywood, it’s New York, but there are opportunities to make a miracle ending for this Seattle Seahawks season that could be made for Rodeo Drive itself.  Granted that could mean just winning the big game with a second year quarterback, a full roster and coaching staff that doesn’t have a single soul with Super Bowl experience on it and a weather pattern that is beginning to remind me of a coming Ice Age.  Instead, let’s over speculate and then rack our brains about some nonsensical things as we are forced to wait one more week.  For many, the build-up is exhausting.  So much anticipation and effort put in to round-table discussions of the biggest factors or how a certain player must play for the team’s success that you almost wish you went to bed tonight and when you wake up it will be Sunday.  Never to fear Seahawk fans, I’m just going to skip all that and go for the Hail Mary of predictions and factors:

What if the most endangered football player on the planet came out and put on a clinic for the country to see.  What if William Percival Harvin won the Most Valuable Player award in the Super Bowl?

If you’re laughing and shaking your head as much as me, it’s probably because you know it’s the most impossible possibility. It would feel nearly scripted.  It would blow your mind.

If you have followed the Seahawks to any extent this season you will have heard of this massively elusive player and his flawless talents on the football field.  You know the story, offseason hip surgery which left him out of fourteen games this season and then the turf-slamming concussion in the playoffs against the New Orleans Saints that has kept him out of most of the action the team has had in the postseason. The guy is more like a glass sculpture than a football player.   His player history with the Minnesota Vikings is riddled with migraine-like symptoms that kept him out of numerous games and a few random but devastating ankle injuries which kept him out of some of the biggest in Vikings history.  It seemed like he could have a bad sandwich the night before a game and have to watch from the sidelines the next day. 

So knowing he is the flight-risk beyond all flight-risks in the football universe, the Seahawks trade draft picks and sign him to a little over $16 million dollars a year for four years.  Sixteen million! Sixteen million dollars for him to have surgery and only play 30 snaps this season, that’s incredible! Nevertheless, we didn’t pay him more money than all of Eritrea will gross through imports and exports this year for nothing.  Dude can flat-out play when he is healthy. 

For the grand finale, Percy Harvin is healthy and rearing to go.  Should the Denver Broncos be worried?  Should they expect to see a lot of him?  Who knows, only the game can answer those questions but all he needs is a few big catches, a couple of touchdowns and the man can be worth more to Seattle than any $16 million could ever buy. 

The award is often given out to quarterbacks.  Even so, since they began giving out the award, the wide receiver position is the second most awarded position on the field.  Last wide receiver to win it was Santonio Holmes for the Pittsburgh Steelers.  He did it with 9 receptions for 137 yards and the game winning touchdown. Harvin is so athletically gifted that that kind of stat line – however improbable it may sound – is easily obtainable.

Another thing to consider is that the Super Bowl’s Most Valuable Player Award is not given out for that player’s body of work throughout the season.  It is just for that game and for a few select plays that can be considered game changers.  We have seen players come out of left field to win the award such as Desmond Howard for the Green Bay Packers in 1997 who returned a punt and a kickoff for touchdowns to help them win.  Not to mention Reggie White and Brett Favre were on that team too; he out played them just for that game and received the award.  Not to mention he only played one year for the Packers and was immortalized as their MVP.

Then there was safety Dexter Jackson of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2003, who recorded two interceptions in the game.  Over his 10-year career, Jackson has only recorded 17 interceptions total.  He is no Hall of Famer or legendary folk hero.  Richard Sherman has been in the league for a fraction of the time and he already has more interceptions.

When it comes to the Super Bowl MVP, literally anyone can win it for having the above average game of their career.  The only thing is, no one has won it while being sidelined for basically the entire year. No matter how wacky the road is to the Super Bowl, who made the big plays on the way there or how legendary other players might be to the team’s success, Harvin can still walk home with some personal hardware.  You wouldn’t know it, but he is that good.

Impossibly possible.

One of the main reasons the Seahawks signed the crafty wide out is because of his big-play ability.  He could break open a screen pass for a sixty yard gain at any time and the game would be completely turned on its head.  I know that is hard to believe but he has done it in the past. So with maybe a little luck, a strong hip, no bad sandwiches and some serious voodoo, Percy could be setting himself up for one heck of a Hollywood ending.

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