One Game At A Time For The Seattle Seahawks

Russell WilsonDo you remember the game the Seattle Seahawks played against the Cardinals on Sunday? You know the 58-Nil beat-down handed out by the defense and Marshawn Lynch? Yeah, you might as well forget about it. I say this for two reasons. The first is that in a game like that, where everything goes your way, it doesn’t tell you much about who your team is. The defense absolutely dominated and benefited from a little luck. Lynch had lanes that you could have driven a truck through. Russell Wilson didn’t have to do much of anything. There is really only one thing of importance you can take from that game, and that’s the win. That brings me right to the next reason that you can go ahead and forget about that game: the Seahawks have placed themselves in a situation where every game is huge.  A win this week keeps the Seahawks in the chase for the NFC West crown regardless of what happens in San Francisco’s game. The Seahawks also need to win to keep themselves ahead in the wild card push, with the Redskins, Vikings, and Cowboys nipping on their heels. 

To get that win, the Seahawks have to travel to Canada. The Seahawks are 2-5 away from CenturyLink Field, and in case you hadn’t noticed, CenturyLink is not in Canada. That’s the bad news. What’s the good news? The Buffalo Bills, the Seahawks opponent on Sunday, boast the 28th ranked rushing defense in the league and the Seahawks really like to run the ball. Marshawn Lynch is second in rushing yardage in the league, the only player with more than him is Adrian Peterson, who is enjoying a superhuman season and could challenge the single season rushing record. The Seahawks also still have Richard Sherman starting at corner. While that may not be a good thing in the long run, with his suspension now extending into the playoffs, it definitely helps for this week. Sherman won’t be matching up against the only Bill who really scares defenses but his presence will make it easier for the Seahawks to stop the incredibly explosive CJ Spiller. With Sherman being able to man up against the Bills’ number one receiver, it allows the rest of the Seahawks defenders to worry more about stopping the run. If the Bills can’t run the ball, it seems unlikely that their 25th ranked passing offense will be enough to carry them against a strong Seahawks team.
It doesn’t seem right to talk about a game between the Seahawks and Bills without mentioning that the center piece of the Seahawks offense, Marshawn Lynch, once was an apparently unmotivated Buffalo Bill. Now with a new sense of drive, Marshawn is looking to lead his new team to a victory over his old one. If the Seahawks manage to win on Sunday it would be the first time all season they’ve had a three game win-streak. 

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