For The Seattle Seahawks, Losing Percy Harvin Is Not The End Of The World


Training camps for all 32 NFL teams have been underway for the last week, but not without the injury bug rearing its grotesque head: Jeremy Maclin (Eagles) out for season with ACL tear, Dennis Pitta (Ravens) out for season with a dislocated hip, Bryan Bulaga (Packers) out with torn ACL, Dan Koppen (Broncos) out for season and lastly, but certainly not least, Percy Harvin will miss a significant amount of time with hip problems.  All of the before mentioned players were valuable players to their respective teams, but let's face it, losing Percy Harvin for any amount of time hurts.  Especially when putting in perspective the value they put on the table to acquire him (draft picks, including a 1st rounder, and a very lucrative $67 million dollar contract).  With Percy Harvin out for an extended period of time, will it cripple the high expectations of our beloved Seattle Seahawks?


The answer is "No".


And this is why.

Russell Wilson:  All the experts forecast Wilson to rut himself in a sophomore slump, synonymous to the ditch that Cam Newton found himself in his 2nd year.  However, I vehemently believe that one of the big reasons why Newton fell into his slump was because of his mentality.  He played a couple of poor games and then he just could not shake it off.  He started to look morose and stoic on the football, devoid of any real leadership or emotion that would resemble leadership.  Russell has the character makeup of a man who you would die for battle for; He is the George Washington of the Seahawks.  So defenses will have a year of tape on him; but that does not really matter when taking into account that the man has accrued his fame and soon to be fortune off of making things happen on broken plays.  Simply put, he has "It".  As long as Russell is taking the snaps, the Seahawks will keep winning.


Marshawn Lynch:  This was probably one of the best trades the Seahawks had ever made.  Think about it, they gave a 4th rounder and a conditional 2012 pick for a guy who literally makes seismic plays.  He has been a bruiser who emulates Steven Jackson with his power style of running.  The best part?  He is only 27 and just reaching his prime.  As long as Lynch has a stout offensive line in front of him, he will continue with his strict diet regime of skittles.


Seahawks Defense:  Statistically speaking, prior to the 2013 offseason, the Seahawks heralded of the best defense in the NFL.  And this was prior to signing talented Cliff Avril and sack-master Michael Bennett.  On paper, the Seahawks D looks truly terrifying, especially for quarterbacks named Carson Palmer and Sam Bradford.  If the Seahawks defense finish outside of the top 5 come end of the year, it would be not only astonishing, but disappointing as well as they have enough talent alone in the defensive backfield to severally cuff their opponents, especially in this day in age where the NFL has transformed to a pass happy league.


All in all, losing Percy Harvin hurts in the short run, but that should not take away the fact that the Seahawks still have a very talented squad that can make a run deep into the playoffs.  One fact that should be duly noted by all is the amount of games Harvin has missed in his short tenure in the NFL, 11 out of 67, about 16.4 percent.  Which in my eyes can be mended if he returns healthy late in the season and plays at a productive, high level.


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