A Change In MLB Scheduling Is Needed

What I am about to suggest for any die hard Major League Baseball fan is completely out of the question, but my suggestion is also aimed at casual fans like myself.

Let’s be honest, as soon as football kicked off again, our sports attentions all shifted to the Oregon Ducks and Oregon State Beavers not just because the Seattle Mariners are awful, but because football has several things that MLB can offer beyond just the difference of game play.

First off, the length of season and amount of games played in football are so short and few in comparison to baseball that as a society, being driven by 140 character tweets and six second videos, we are that much more involved with not only every one of our favorite team’s games but every game across the league.

It all boils down to the MLB season being too long. One of three things needs to happen: a shorter calendar season, fewer games, or both. The total length of the season is not as much of a problem as its unfortunate timing; the two most important months in MLB’s season are September and October. Just as the season is reaching its climax, the NFL and college football swoop in to steal MLB’s thunder, making it obsolete until somewhere around the World Series. Instead, why not have the World Series be in August every year? I do not care how it is done but I do know that it should. Yes I know that NFL preseason and college football hype will still be present but preseason hype would take a backseat to playoffs for America’s original pastime.

I will even be kind enough to offer a few suggestions on how this could theoretically be done, and two ways involve losing no games played. The first and most obvious suggestion would be to just simply cut short the entire season by two months and leave at that … can’t get much simpler. Option number two would be to just move the beginning of the season up two months, also pretty simple, and do not complain about the weather when NFL teams play in the freezing cold all the time. The final, and my favorite option, is to shorten the season but play the same or close to the same amount of games via doubleheaders that occur mostly on weekends in order to turn those games into day long events.

Is there an absolute need for any of this to happen? No. Are the masses calling for change? No. I get it, maybe just as a casual baseball fan, I want to see things spiced up and follow a season all the way through and not jump ship the minute my fantasy football draft is schedule. But can you blame me? No.   

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