The Buck Williams Effect – Who The Portland Trail Blazers Should Seek At The Trade Deadline

The Portland Trail Blazers can score, there is no doubt about that as they have four capable three point shooters to make the opponents defense feel like they are on the line trying to figure out what Peyton Manning is going to do. The talk around the league from commentators like Charles Barkley is that they can’t play like that in the playoffs. Well, Terry Stotts has heard that before with the Dallas Mavericks when they won the NBA title with almost the same offence. I think the only difference is they had Tyson Chandler, Corey Brewer and Brendan Haywood to make stops in the paint, grab offensive boards and block shots. Having guys like Brewer who can guard perimeter players without having to score or have plays run for him is a bonus on any team and the Blazers need a guy like that.  The Blazers have Robin Lopez in the Chandler role but after that, the Blazers do not have any players ready this season for those roles needed to defend the paint. February 20th is coming up and the Blazers need to address the paint and defense. I’m going to take a look at some players the Blazers should go after at the deadline, which I will call the Buck Williams Effect. On June 24, 1989, the then-New Jersey Nets traded Williams to the Portland Trail Blazers in exchange for Sam Bowie and a draft pick and they went deep into the playoffs.

Josh Smith: HE can block shots, steal the ball and run the floor. He does play erratic at times but under the guideless of Stotts and players like Mo Williams and Dorell Wright around him, he could be the stopper the Blazers need.

Pau Gasol: He can come off the bench which would give you a second unit of Mo Williams, C.J. McCollum, Dorell Wright, Joel Freeland and Pau Gasol. Add in Thomas Robinson as well for rebounds and defense.

Omer Asik: I know he is not happy coming off the bench in Houston and can’t figure out how to play with Howard, but maybe he would be happy with starter’s minutes off the bench and a shot at a title.

Kevin Garnett: He is on his last legs but would not require heavy minutes and can still play defense and is a proven winner. He could make a huge difference in the locker room as well as on the floor.  The Brooklyn Nets are in trouble and need to shake things up and playing with Damian Lillard may give life to his old knees. It would be like having LaMarcus Aldridge on the floor for 12 minutes a game.

Thaddeus Young: Big small forward who can score, rebound and steal. He wants out of Philly and would make a nice addition to the Blazers title run.

Spencer Hawes: He's a legit seven-footer who can score, rebound and defend his position and that is what the Blazers need off the bench. And he will be back in the Pacific Northwest!

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