The Blazers Need To Use The Amnesty Clause On Comcast!

Comcast BlowsThe Blazers made a great business decision when it came time to use their amnesty clause on Brandon Roy. It made sense to make this move as it added more money to sign Jamal Crawford. So why can’t Paul Allen just write a check and get out of this unbearable, not fan friendly Comcast TV contract so every fan across the state of Oregon can watch their beloved Blazers play? It would make good business sense and help all those local pubs that can’t carry the games because they are outside of the Comcast market. This has to come to an end, as it’s a great time to be a Blazers fan. Everyone should get a chance to see this team play, this year!

It’s crazy to me that people have to resort to Facebook to get their Blazers fix. I was watching the Blazers vs. Magic on KGW, Wednesday, and had a few friends attending the game. They were posting pictures as the game went on and I realized that all the comments were from people outside the Portland market. I know this game was on KGW so everyone had a chance to watch it, but most people who live outside of Portland area have become accustomed to not seeing the Blazers on TV so they just assume they can’t. That can’t be a good thing for the Blazers.

If you live in the Portland / Eugene market and don’t have Comcast, you have the option to go to your local sports bar to catch the game with friends but if you live outside of the Comcast market, you don’t even have that option. I know they are releasing some games by way of streaming but who wants to watch a game with your friends huddled around a computer or hooked up to your TV? It’s not the same. To make matters worse, the Seattle market gets all the Blazers games and they could care less about the Blazers up there.

I grew up in The Dalles loving the Blazers. I can remember a time when the Blazers would reach out to all communities in the state of Oregon. They had a traveling alumni team that would play games at the local high school gym, I still have my Larry Steele autograph. They would make sure the entire state had a chance to be a part of Rip City. I think they have lost sight of this. The NBA is coming out of a lockout and some fans already feel alienated by the league so it would go a long way to finally resolve this Comcast matter. How can we as fans get the point across to the Blazers? I’m not sure; it has been going on for years so we all know they are aware of it. I will ask you, what should we do? I want to hear from you Blazers’ fans. Post your ideas and comments now.

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