Cheer Mob Put On By Blazer Gang

Where? Lloyd Center When? April 19, 2014 at 3:00 PM Blazer Gang, an up and coming fan page of the Portland Trail Blazers, have put together a Flash Mob type event. They are calling it a ‘Cheer Mob’. Will this be the new YouTube craze? We’ll soon find out. Blazer Gang has partnered with other […]

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Portland Trail Blazers – A Year Of Exceeded Expectations

Before the NBA season began I was cautiously optimistic with what General Manager Neil Olshey was able to do over the offseason. Leading into the season, I wrote that my prediction was a team that would hover around .500 and fight for the 8th seed in the Western Conference. Boy, how things have changed over […]

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Shelf Watch – Portland Trail Blazers, NFL Draft, And March Madness

Portland Trail Blazers Trends Top Shelf: The real Thomas Robinson has stood up. When Robinson was shelved for a four game stretch in early May (including a DNP in a blowout of Atlanta), I thought that this might be the kicker for the former top five pick. If he can’t beat out Dorell Wright and […]

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The Portland Trail Blazers Are Ecstatic That March Is Over

March is over, which is a very good thing for Portland Trail Blazers fans. How brutal was March? It was the first time in franchise history (44 years) that the team had two separate 5-game road trips in a month. With a record of 8 wins-9 losses and 3 wins-7 losses on the road, you […]


Rip City Torn Open – Injury Bug Plagues Portland Trail Blazers

The Portland Trail Blazers (42-23) were already banged up and trying to find a way to stop their frequent skids and reacquire the winning formula they had in November and December. The icy and slippery slope they were on just had a bucket of water dumped on it, as they will now have to find […]


Damian Lillard, Whatcha Got?

The Portland Trail Blazers have hit the roughest part of their season the past week, losing 4 straight games for the first time this season. They fell from the 3rd spot in the Western Conference to the 5th spot, with the Golden State Warriors nipping at their heels. All of this was magnified when LaMarcus […]


Portland Trail Blazers Fans Can Breathe A Sigh Of Relief, For Now

The news broke Thursday morning that Portland Trail Blazers All-Star forward LaMarcus Aldridge, the team leader in points and rebounds, would only miss two games after taking a brutal looking fall in the third quarter during Wednesday’s game against the Spurs. After seeing it happen live, I was relieved to hear this. Injury problems have […]


What Is Going On With The Portland Trail Blazers?

Plain and simple, the Portland Trail Blazers can’t finish games. They don’t have a strategy, or one that works for that matter, to do so. Players are not executing down the stretch of games, and it has become a recurring fact that they cannot finish against quality teams. Unless they figure this out, this isn’t […]


Stay United, Portland Trail Blazers Fans

Wednesday night at the Moda Center, there was an incredibly average basketball game played. Most of the buzz in the arena was about the 90’s-inspired Damian Lillard glasses that would be handed out at the door after the game. There really wasn’t anything to buzz about on the court. Not very often in an NBA […]


Shelf Watch – Portland Trail Blazers On The Stretch Run

Portland Trail Blazers Trends Top Shelf: “RoLo” playing like YOLO Robin Lopez might not be the best Portland Trail Blazer on the court, but he sure has looked the most comfortable on the floor these last few weeks. LaMarcus Aldridge is still shaking off cobwebs, Damian Lillard has been up and down and the bench […]


Home Team To The Rescue

Sports and real life need more separation, like church and state. You have a team at work? How's their conditioning? Are you wrestling with a problem? Did the problem try to pin you? And enough of the 'end run' talk. You can't do an end run from your chair. As much as we celebrate the winning streak […]


Portland Trail Blazers – Rebuilding The Past, Present, And Future

The Portland Trail Blazers made no moves at last week’s NBA trade deadline, which was head scratching. But what if there were more options, beyond this season, and not just in the future? We asked two of our writers to discuss if they would change the current Blazers’ lineup if they could alter the fate […]


Portland Trail Blazers – Turning A Negative Into A Positive

Back on October 24, 2013 I made my prediction for this Portland Trail Blazers season. I said, “I think this team is very talented and ready to compete. The chemistry will take a bit to catch up. I predict a 38-43 win season and barely missing the playoffs. I hope they prove me wrong.” Well […]


The French Disconnection

Au revoir.  Goodbye to you and I, but the native version of a certain Portland Trail Blazers forward who I’m inching ever closer to bidding just that. “Real fans” cringe at the thought of critical remarks regarding their team and its players, but I’m a tough love kind of guy, and Nicolas Batum is making […]