Oregon Sports News Halloween Suggestions

HalloweenHalloween is only a few days away. With weekend parties planned this weekend, it seems only necessary to provide a handful of dress-up ideas for the late planner. If you don’t have a costume in mind, feel free to use any of the following ideas. They’ll be met by blank stares by some, but the Oregon sports fans in the group will understand.

• Gary Payton: A glove.
• Thomas Tyner: Oregon Ducks gear; feel free to accent it with an Oregon State hat or a UCLA cell phone case.
• Darron Thomas: Calgary Stampeders t-shirt if you can find one, clipboard. Be sure to mention how great Marcus Mariota is playing.
• Ndamukong Suh: Detroit Lions number 90 jersey, beat people up. If you feel like going above and beyond, wreck a car.
• Jordan Hasay: Green and yellow tank top and short shorts, long blond ponytail, stick tongue out.
• Marshawn Lynch: Dreads, a shirt reading Beast Mode. Stay home and hand out Skittles, except to kids who are too old to be trick-or-treating – stiff-arm them to the ground.
• Jared Cunningham: Dallas Mavericks jersey, jump over as many things as possible.
• Ryan Katz: San Diego State shirt, crutches.
• OSU athletic department intern: OSU polo, carry In-N-Out bags.

The following ideas were submitted by Oregon State University communication instructor Jonathan Smith:
• Mike Parker: A headset, bottle of booze. Eat napkins.
• Clyde Drexler: Portland Trail Blazers jersey, hoverboard from Back to the Future.
• Oregon Duck mascot: Wear a Duck face, do push-ups next to couples displaying their affection publicly, shove other mascots’ heads into your crotch.
• Portland Timbers mascot: Find couples scoring. Hand them small rounds of wood.
• Kevin Love: Wear Minnesota Timberwolves jersey. Carry many mini-basketballs with you. Throw them in the air and collect them quickly. Box out others trying to touch them. (Adding a wrist cast gives you bonus points.)
• Craig Robinson: Wear an OSU shirt with Barack Obama’s face on it. Tell athletic people he is your brother-in-law.

In case you missed last year’s suggestions, here are some ideas from 2011:
• Cliff Harris: A car that isn’t yours, a stack of tickets and plenty of witty comments to drop on people throughout the night.
• Greg Oden/Sam Bowie: Blazers jersey, crutches.
• Ben Siegert: You’re going the DD tonight because for this costume you’re going to need a truck with a gay sheep in the back.
• Chip Kelly: A visor and a pair of big balls. Any and all conversations you have while dressed as Chip must come out the side of your mouth.
• An NBA player: No costume necessary: Stay home, there is no Halloween.
• A Portland Beavers baseball player: Timbers jersey.
• Pat Casey: Two championship rings.
• Mike Riley: A smile and plan on saying “Hip Hip Hooray” a lot.
• Brandon Roy: A basketball. Do not share.
• Joey Harrington: Sling, bicycle helmet.
• John Canzano: Oversized bald head, microphone.
• Mike Rice: Blazers gear, bottle of booze, lots of stupid things to say.
• Haloti Ngata: Muscle suit, briefcase full of money and a copy of the Book of Mormon.
• A.C. Green: Chastity belt.

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