Just A Number – Ryan A. Chase’s 100th Column

100.  It is just a number.  Important in mathematics, but not more than 1, 2, or 5.  We see it because it represents perfection.  100% on your test.  100% of your games won. 

From 0 to 100 in just under two years.  Either the world's slowest car, or the march of sports and those who cover it.  Why not see a few more numbers from the last two years?

24: The amount of consecutive wins in regulation by the Chicago Blackhawks this season.

27: Consecutive wins by the Miami Heat this season.

900: Amount of times on national television Stephen A. Smith proved he is an NBA analyst, not an NHL analyst, forgetting that hockey has not had ties to ESPN since 2004.

35: Years the Seattle Mariners had to wait before one of their own threw a perfect game, before Felix Hernandez did it in 2012.

2,000: Estimated amount of reporters attending the New York Jets introducing Tim Tebow in 2012.

7: Amount of times the Jets jerked Tebow's chain during the 2012 season, removing his sunny demeanor and helping absolutely no one.

3: People who lost their job for the Tebow signing.  Should have been more.  I am not a Tebow fan, and even I think what the Jets did was ridiculous.

4: Weeks the NFL played with replacement referees in the 2012 season, creating some of the most bizarre moments ever seen in the league.

0: Amount of respect remaining for Joe Paterno and the staff at Penn State University after a report accused them of covering up child molestation by Jerry Sandusky.

4: Amount of work stoppages in the NHL since 1992, the latest postponing the current NHL season.

66: Games in the NBA last season because of a work stoppage, their second in less than a decade.

2: Guaranteed future hall-of-fame players on the Los Angeles Lakers roster coming into this season, Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash.

37: Combined All-Star games between Bryant, Nash, Dwight Howard, Pau Gasol, Metta World Peace, and Antwan Jamison.

0: Amount of wins it got them as the San Antonio Spurs swept them from the playoffs this season.

6: Current or former NFL players who killed themselves since 2010, adding to the evidence of post-concussion and post-career brain trauma.

0: Amount of people who still think the NFL Live segment "JACKED-UP!!!", in which the biggest hits, many of them illegal in the current league and many of them recklessly endangering players were shown to the analysts yelling "HE GOT JACKED-UP!", was a good idea.

3: Draft position of former Oregon linebacker Dion Jordan, going to the Miami Dolphins in the 2013 NFL Draft.

7: Analysts puzzled by Jordan picked at 3, considering he played less than half of Oregon's total defensive snaps in his only college season.

Not that the analysts are perfect.  No one ever is.  Sports journalists make mistakes like everyone else.  I cannot count how many I have made, though I always try to improve.  I lost count because, it is just a number.

Like 100.

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