Philadelphia Chip

Fast. Loud. Chaotic.

As Oregon Duck fans, we all know that those words have been used to describe a Chip Kelly coached practice. Sports media outlets in Oregon have been obsessed with how many reps per hour the Ducks were able to run in practice for the past few years. That practice style led to abundant success at the college level.

Sitting in a Philadelphia hotel room this past weekend on business, it was almost like having deja vu. Except this time it was Comcast SportsNet Philly and Chip was wearing a green hat instead of a white visor. The local sports personalities were rambling off all of the catch phrases we have associated with Chip for years. They obsessed over the fact that "at one point, I saw 5 quarterbacks throwing at the same time. How could they possibly evaluate them all?"

Watching this transformation of Kelly becoming an NFL coach had me thinking that we do take things for granted as fans. Kelly did some truly innovative things with the University of Oregon football program. Because of his innovation, fast-paced offense and the success of the program, the "O" and all that comes along with it are now a national brand. Kelly led the Ducks to four straight BCS bowls, which is incredible. However, there were always fans complaining about a loss here and a recruit lost to another team there. The Chip Kelly era was one of the most prosperous eras of football for any team, at any time.

Now we start new in Oregon while Kelly starts new in Philly. Both teams have high expectations. The Ducks will start the season ranked in the top 5 nationally. The Eagles have a fast, talented roster but still play in the ultra-competitive NFC East. There are questions surrounding each organization but just as Kelly left his mark on the Oregon Ducks, I'm sure that Philadelphia football will never be the same.

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