Nirvana As An Oregon Sports Fan

Oregon DucksUp to the north in the small town of Aberdeen, Washington, a kid named Kurt put together a band that created their own genre of rock and roll music. In the late 80’s and early 90’s, Nirvana was on top the world with their grunge rock that still has a cult following.

Nirvana, by definition, is a transcendent state where there is no pain, suffering or opposition.

In my opinion, this is a time of Nirvana as an Oregon sports fan.

The Oregon Ducks have been on a roll, as was expected. They are incredibly talented and continue to wow voters across the country as they stay at #2 in the AP poll.

This past weekend’s display of dominance of the Washington Huskies was just the latest of a long line of Ducks dominance. This week, being a bye week, don’t think that Chip Kelly will give them a week off. I expect this team to come out next Thursday against Arizona State better and more dynamic than ever.

The pleasant surprise as an Oregon sports fan is the undefeated Oregon State Beavers. They continue to surprise and please Beaver fans everywhere. They are now up to #10 in the AP poll.

Having an offense led by a NFL prospect quarterback like Sean Mannion is a huge benefit for the Beavers and one they haven’t had for quite a while. That combined with their dominant defense, has now won three games as underdogs and one as a home favorite.

Another thing that sports fans here in Oregon are excited about is the start of the Portland Trail Blazers season. They entered training camp this past week and begin preseason this week. With so much young talent and so many new faces on the team, fans are excited to see their progress throughout the season and getting acquainted with the new players.

No one nationally gave the Blazers any chance of making the playoffs or being competitive but the coaches and players on the team made it clear this week that they are ready to compete and fight their way through the season and possibly to the playoffs. I am personally excited to see how our three rookies adjust to the NBA game.

Enjoy these times while they are here. Both Oregon teams are undefeated and ranked in the top 10 and the Blazers are surrounded by optimism and promise. But just like the band Nirvana, these things can come to a crashing end with a bad loss or injury to a star player.

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