How Far Can The Oregon Ducks Go?

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Since it is the cusp of a new season and bloggers, pundits and fans are indulging in rampant, ecstatic speculation about their favorite college teams, it seemed appropriate that this column indulge in a little speculation, as well.

Suppose Oregon, in this 2013 campaign, ends up with a dream season, running undefeated through the gauntlet of patsies (talking about you, Nicholls State), gimmies, trap-games and elite-level competition and wins the National Championship.  Confetti will fall, the band will play, players and coaches will celebrate, cry and utter adorable catch-phrases (we took it one game at a time) and Eugene will explode into a fiery, tie-dyed, patchouli-scented miasma of ecstasy. But then what?

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