College Football Picks: Week 1

Each week of the college football season, I will pick the winners and losers in big games from around the country, as well as the Oregon and Oregon State games. Enjoy!

South Carolina 38, North Carolina 13 – Ah, the old Carolina clash. The game that makes the blood of Gamecocks and Tar Heels boil. Oh wait, that's South Carolina – Clemson and North Carolina – Duke. 

Ole Miss 41, Vanderbilt 31 – Take one look at Hugh Freeze's recruiting class and tell me the last time that many 18-year-old kids wanted to come to Oxford except to fight the US government. 

USC 34, Hawaii 10 – Last year when things went badly, Lane Kiffin fired his dad. Who's he going to fire this year, his mom? 

Texas A&M 52, Rice 20 – Forget about Manziel, the real story here is Rice QB Taylor McHargue – he probably participates in underage drinking and parties too. 

Oklahoma State 27, Mississippi State 24 – A few years back, Mike Gundy said: "I'm a man! I'm 40!" – just imagine what he is now. 

Notre Dame 31, Temple 7 – Notre Dame is so good, it's like Temple doesn't even exist… 

Penn State 27, Syracuse 17 – Think about this: Had Mike Bellotti not retired when he did, Chip Kelly would have taken the Syracuse job and the landscape of college football would look a lot different.

Oregon 55, Nichols State 5 – Nichols gets one nickel, Oregon gets two nickels to pound Nichols.

Alabama 40, Virginia Tech 10 – The DEATH STAR is back at it.

Oregon State 58, Eastern Washington 0 – Wait, is Eastern Washington the school with the red field? If so, this should have been a road game for the Beavers.

Auburn 41, Washington State 20 – If Washington State schedules like a D2 school, and they play like a D2 school, they'll probably lose at Auburn. Just sayin'.

Georgia 27, Clemson 26 – This is a huge game in Death Valley, the only place in the world that considers Dabo Swinney sane. Georgia pips the Tigers in a close one.

LSU 31, TCU 6 – And Horned Frogs fans thought it couldn't get worse after the performance of last year’s Fighting Drug Addicts team…

Boise State 24, Washington 20 – This game sets up well for Washington, with renovated Husky Stadium opening back up. Unfortunately, the Huskies lose.

Northwestern 41, California 31 – Watch out. Northwestern is a powerhouse. Cal is not. 

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