Abe’s College Football Picks – Week 3

Week two was tough, as I was only 6-5. But I guarantee an undefeated week three.

Louisville 48, Kentucky 21 – Teddy Bridgewater tells Kentucky to go back to the race track.

UCLA 31, Nebraska 24 – The Bruins are better than the Trojans, and Bo Pelini is an angry man.

Boston College 1, USC 0 – BC wins it with a late extra point and Lane Kiffin develops carpal tunnel syndrome with his sad face.

Texas A&M 32, Alabama 30 – The Game Of The Year: Johnny Manziel, the anti-hero, against Nick Saban, who's anti-humanity… I'm going with Tim Tebow.

Oregon 54, Tennessee 28 – The Duck runs his motorcycle over Smokey, and by the end of the third quarter, fans at Autzen are saying, "Chip Who?"

Washington 35, Illinois 17 – I picked against both these teams so far this year and they've both won, so I'm just jinxing Washington. 

Iowa 13, Iowa State 10 – These teams are both awful, but when Kirk Ferentz fights his way out of a Cyclone, the Hawkeyes are inspired. 

Ohio State 42, California 31 – Things get crazy late in Berkley, when Urban Meyer pulls on a sweater vest and orders Braxton Miller to run over a trombone player for the game-clinching first down. 

South Carolina 30, Vanderbilt 20 – If you were introduced to Steve Spurrier for the first time, you'd think he couldn't competently run a fruit stand. But he can coach football.

Mississippi State 32, Auburn 21 – The Bulldogs take the "We Paid/Try To Pay Cam Newton Bowl".

Notre Dame 41, Purdue 14 – Even though things go well for the Irish, Brian Kelly's head is detached from his body five minutes into the second quarter.

Ole Miss 38, Texas 17 – When he's fired at the end of the year, Mack Brown will open up a Macaroni and Cheese restaurant in Texas called "Brown's Mack".

Utah 31, Oregon State 23 – Unafraid Utah Utes ultimately usurp unsavory game.

Wisconsin 34, Arizona State 30

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