Abe’s College Football Picks – Week 2

I opened last week with a solid 12-3 mark, although we best forget my Oregon State 58-0 win over Eastern Washington projection rather quickly. Here are the week two picks.

Florida 30, Miami 17 – In 2050, when Miami is under water, the Hurricanes will still be under NCAA investigation.

Michigan State 41, South Florida 14 – When Miami is under water, USF won't be under NCAA investigation. But they won't be winning any games either. 

Cincinnati 41, Illinois 25 – The Illini fall into Lake Eerie. Score another one for Tommy Tuberville's Riverboat gambling mentality in 'Nati. 

Ohio State 51, San Diego State 28 – Remember Ryan Katz? Yeah, neither do the Aztecs.


Oregon 54, Virginia 10 – Virginia has Thomas Jefferson, Oregon has everything else. 

South Carolina 34, Georgia 31 – It's close on the field, but when Mark Richt sees Steve Spurrier on the opposing sideline, he says, "Uga". 

Texas 30, BYU 7 – Last week, BYU's players wore the words Tradition, Spirit, and Honor on the back of their jerseys instead of player names. Enough said – hook 'em. 

Oklahoma 45, West Virginia 20 – The only thing that could ruin this game for the Sooners is Mike Stoops punching people. You can't rule that out. 

Michigan 38, Notre Dame 35 – This game was an instant classic the last time it was played in Ann Arbor, and it's the last scheduled meeting between the traditional rivals. That's a shame, really, because at the end of the Notre Dame – Michigan game, steam usually comes out of Brian Kelly's ears.

Oregon State 48, Hawaii 38 – Somewhere over the rainbow, Oregon State's defense transfers to Eastern Washington. 

USC 31, Washington State 20 – Now we finally know how the NCAA figured out the SC violations. A-Rod snitched. 

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