Les Schwab Invitational

Looking Back At The Les Schwab Invitational, And Ahead At The Best Teams In The State

This column written by Allan Classen of With the Les Schwab Invitational and other holiday tournaments out of the way, we can now take a serious look at the top boys’ basketball teams in Oregon. Never mind the 5-4 record, the West Linn Lions are still the team to beat. All four losses have been […]

Tigard Tigers

Two Teams, One Direction

The 4A Bulldogs climbed into the Oregon state finals for 2014 after their 41-40 squeaker in the semi-finals. A win is a win, we can all agree, but a one point win isn’t defining any football program as much as it tells who’s in favor with the football gods. You know the football gods? They’re […]

North Bend

Sports Therapy From High School Football

The hardest moments in real life come with saying goodbye. There’s never a last goodbye, and never enough time. We say goodbye to people and places, moms and dads, and it’s all too real. Celebrated coaches from high school years move on, or you move on, and you hear about their passing. You remember them […]

Kimane Domena

Kimane Domena Powers Roosevelt To Victory Over Wilson

The saga of quarterback Kimane Domena has been an interesting one. After his junior season, the 6’2”, 180 pound QB committed to Brigham Young University. However, before his senior season began, Domena unexpectedly de-committed from the university to re-open his options. Before the Roosevelt Roughriders took on the Wilson Trojans on Friday, I spoke with […]


The Importance Of “Team”

Of the ten players suspended by Lake Oswego football coach Steve Coury, one quit. Team building is a complicated business. Do it right and you can let out the rope. Coach Coury has been doing it right for decades. He knows when to let out the discipline rope, and when to tighten it. When he […]

Lake Oswego High School

Lake Oswego’s Weed Season

What happens in Vegas might stay in Vegas, but the same rules don’t apply to football camp. Imagine yourself as a high school sophomore good enough to play varsity in one of Oregon’s best football programs. It’s so good that players from other schools transfer to LO for the experience. You might be a star […]


Follow Your Dream

After you hear the words, "Follow your dream," or, "Follow your bliss," what's next? Most hear that and decide to put dreams and bliss on the shelf for another day. They'll get on it when they have more time, follow their bliss after they learn to identify it. An old New York City joke has a tourist asking a […]


The Bulldog Difference, 2053

Experts say you lay the tracks for the rest of your life early. I say it happens in high school football. Nothing in early childhood prepares kids to deal with the success and failure of sports. You didn't get the 'right' bike at Christmas? And you feel bad? Even cheated? Maybe got your feelings hurt? […]


The Impact Of The Portland Interscholastic League Proposed Shuffle

The Portland Interscholastic League (PIL), the governing body for high school sports in Portland Public Schools, recently released their plan to move all Portland high schools into the 6A category. This represents a change from the existing system which has schools competing at the 5A or 6A level depending on enrollment and level of competition. […]


Home Town Sports Forty Years Later

High school reunions fall somewhere between a celebration and a punch in the gut. The celebration begins with joining classmates again. The punch comes from seeing the changes. In small town Oregon, the punch comes from seeing the old school. In North Bend, the old school was a celebration. This isn't Texas where a town's […]


The Beauty Of Late Season Runs

The OSAA baseball and softball playoffs are nearly upon us. In addition to the exciting races for league titles, dozens more teams are fighting to make the postseason. One thing that makes this part of the season so much fun is when a mediocre team develops into a state contender right before your eyes. History […]


The West Linn Lions May Take The Title Again

“One is good, but I’ll take two” Those were the words of Rasheed Wallace after the Detroit Pistons won the NBA championship back in 2004 against the Los Angeles Lakers. The same sentiment resonates with the West Linn Lions at this time. They finally were able to knock off the ferocious Lake Oswego Lakers in […]