Broncos Chargers

The Slant – Episode 202 – Thursday Night Football, Oregon Ducks Game Preview, And The Portland Trail Blazers

On this episode of The Slant, host Brad Stein talks about Denver’s impressive win and Peyton Manning shockingly going off on an innocent bystander. Then, Oregon Sports News senior writer Abe Asher joins the show to preview Friday’s Oregon Ducks game against California and thoughts on the College Football Playoff. Finally, Brad shares his slant on where LaMarcus Aldridge and the Portland Trail Blazers size up against the rest of the NBA.

Peyton Manning

The Slant – Episode 201 – Peyton Manning, Seattle Seahawks, And The College Football Playoff

On this episode of The Slant, host Brad Stein explains how Peyton Manning’s record breaking performance plays a back seat to his real #1 accomplishment. Then, he discusses whether it is panic time yet for the Seattle Seahawks and which 1 loss team or teams will compete in the College Football Playoff.


The Slant – Episode 200 – Thursday Night Football, Portland Trail Blazers, And NFL Week Seven

Ladies and gentlemen, the 200th episode of The Slant!

On this special episode, host Brad Stein interviews a multitude of Oregon Sports News writers, including Ryan A. Chase (Thursday Night Football, Seattle Seahawks), Stuart Kemp (Portland Winterhawks), Garrett Thornton (Portland Trail Blazers, Dallas Cowboys), and Casey Mabbott (NFL week seven preview).

On behalf of everyone here at Oregon Sports News, we want to congratulate Brad Stein on this historic event. You do not want to miss this!

Seahawks Cowboys

The Slant – Episode 199 – Brian Hight, NFL Week Six Predictions, And BlazersEdge’s Ryan A. Chase

On this episode of The Slant, host Brad Stein and Oregon Sports News writer Brian Hight preview and predict the winners of week six in the NFL.

Then, he talks about the Portland Trail Blazers with BlazersEdge and Oregon Sports News senior writer Ryan A. Chase. Ryan discusses the intensity at Blazers practices, his interactions with some of the players, and Thursday’s loss to the Utah Jazz.

Chip Kelly

The Slant – Episode 198 – Chip Kelly, SEC Versus Pac-12, And The Most Devastated Fanbase

On this two-part episode of The Slant, host Brad Stein talks about which college or pro fanbase should be the most devastated after this sports weekend, what Chip Kelly’s impact has been this year on the NFL, and the difference between the SEC and the Pac-12.

Then, Brad Stein recaps the Seattle Seahawks Monday night victory.