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The Slant – Episode 160 – Blazers/Rockets, Soccer Talk, And Drastic Changes For MLB

On this episode of The Slant, host Brad Stein gives a recap of Sunday’s incredible Portland Trail Blazers playoff game and answers whether the team can keep their winning ways against the Houston Rockets. Then, Oregon Sports News writer Ari Liljenwall tries to convince Brad to give the sport of soccer another chance and why MLB needs another drastic change.

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Draft Day

Simply Awesome Sports Episode 16 – Draft Day, NBA Playoff Preview, And More

Simply Awesome Sports is back with another episode and the guys really bring it today!  They start the show talking about the new movie, “Draft Day.”  SPOILER ALERT:  Ridley dislikes Kevin Costner and Matt Loves Jennifer Garner.

Next the guys do a quick preview of the Portland Houston series, before they get into the NFL draft.  They go through the first 7 picks of the draft and tell you their thoughts.

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The Slant – Episode 158

On this episode of The Slant, host Brad Stein interviews quarterback Danny Southwick of the Portland Thunder, why we should not care about Manny Pacquiao & Floyd Mayweather fighting anymore, and more!

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The Slant – Episode 157

On this episode of The Slant, host Brad Stein talks about the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship Game, the NBA team under the MOST pressure, and why MLB won’t be moving to 7 innings any time soon.

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Simply Awesome Sports – Episode 18

Hello World!  The prodigal son has returned.  Ridley is back and the show is better than ever.  On this episode, the guys start by talking about the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie.

From there, we go in-depth on the American League division of Major League Baseball.  We touch on every team and give you our thoughts of how they will do this year.  Finally, we wrap up the show doing a little Streak for the Cash!

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The Slant – Episode 156

Garrett Imeson co-hosts The Slant with Brad Stein. They debate just how far the Portland Trail Blazers will go this season, who will have the last laugh pertaining to new Washington Redskins wide receiver DeSean Jackson, and what Tiger Woods’ surgery will mean for golf.

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Happy Hour – Episode 12

This week on Happy Hour is a lot of MLB talk, and we also find out what visual stimuli excites Susan in the Powder Room. Also, you won’t be surprised by who gets beat up in the Celebrity Bar Fight! Tune in, it’s all here on this week’s episode of Happy Hour.

Due to strong language and mature subject matter, listener discretion is advised

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The Slant – Episode 155

On this episode of The Slant, host Brad Stein talks about which teams, if any, can beat #1 Florida. Then, baseball author / speaker Dan Zachofsky joins the show to discuss how soon before we get Puig fatigue & previews the MLB season. Finally, Brad debates over unionization in college football.

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Simply Awesome Sports – Episode 17

Greetings world!!  This week we did something a little different on Simply Awesome Sports.  Instead of the normal thing of Ridley and Matt Talking back and forth, this show is a 1 man show!  Matt went solo this week.  Hopefully Ridley can forgive!

Matt starts the show talking about Captain America before he gets sidetracked talking about how baseball needs to do a better job attracting young fans.  Matt then goes into the National League and gives a preview of some of the top teams.  There is also a little NFL free agency cherry on top of this cake.

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