Love Handles – How To Get Rid Of Them


So what can you do to get RID of them?

The solution to reducing your love handles is tightening up the muscles UNDERNEATH the extra fat.

And I’ll tell you right up front…ab exercises won’t burn fat directly from that area. What they WILL do is tighten up the muscles UNDER the area so the fat doesn’t bulge out as much, giving you the immediate APPEARANCE of smaller love handles.

For a tighter waist, this approach flat-out WORKS.

My favorite exercise for accomplishing this is the Trunk Twist with a Twist.

Put a bar or stick across your shoulders with your hands over the top and arms stretched out to the sides. Stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart.

Here is the “how-to” on the exercise:

Now begin to twist your upper body around to the left side. Here is the key…while you are twisting, keep your head facing STRAIGHT FORWARD instead of turning your head along with your torso as you normally would. This is extremely important! If you turn your head, the exercise will be useless!

The idea here is to imagine like you’re trying to touch your left hip bone to your right shoulder while rotating the shoulders and keeping your head forward. It’s almost like wringing out a wet towel. Think the training vignette of Rocky IV before the fight lol.

It’s a good idea to do this exercise in front of a mirror (if there is one available), so you can see exactly what is going on. Look straight at yourself in the mirror and DO NOT move your head while you twist your torso (in fact, for a little extra squeeze, you can try to look as much as you can the OPPOSITE way).

Keep twisting all the way around until you’ve turned as far as you can. When doing this twist, I like to try to tilt the bar down a bit towards the side I’m twisting to. This helps to increase the activation of the obliques by bending the torso over to the side a bit. A variation of this is with a squat bar (which adds 45 lbs. to the exercise).

At the maximum point of the twist, squeeze the oblique area (right where your love handles are), contracting it AS HARD AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN and holding it for 5 to 7 seconds. This is the “money” part of the exercise. The actual twist only serves to get you into that position!

You should tense it up like somebody is about to punch you in the side, right under the rib cage and you have to brace for impact.

When you’ve squeezed everything out of the left side, rotate around to the right side and do the same thing.

REMEMBER: Keep your head and your hips forward!! That will make a HUGE difference in how this exercise feels and works.

In closing, as I always say, “The Basics Win”!! This is very foundational, but effective.


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