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Personal training. No one in the fitness industry has a bigger responsibility and no one gets the most hate in the fitness industry than the personal trainer. Everyone has an opinion about the personal trainer. For those of you in the audience that are wondering about hiring a personal trainer, please read and use these tips I have compiled. NOTE: Always seek the advice of your primary care provider. The opinions of the author are not a substitute for sound medical advice by a licensed physician.

Okay, the list is a pretty simple one. Please observe a few common themes running in this article. This list of tips I hope will serve as a guideline for you to choose the personal trainer that fits your needs. Now the list.

1) As with a lot of other fields, a personal trainer can be found anywhere. That has its ups and downs, its advantages and drawbacks. The fitness industry is largely unregulated by the federal government, which includes licensing and certifications.

2) A certification from one of these “name” certification bodies does not mean they have the knowledge, the expertise or even the experience that you need for your individual needs.

3) Choose a trainer who understands you, not industry standards or any trends. YOU hired the trainer, you’re the boss, not the trainer. Do your due diligence. Question the trainer. Pick his brain. Make your trainer your resource. That’s what they are for. You are placing your health and well-being in the hands of someone with a certification and a smile. Choose a trainer who is empathetic to your needs, someone who listens to your needs, wants and concerns.

In closing, please understand that you are the boss. You must be discriminating in your search for a personal trainer. Get one who meets your needs. Get one that is best for you.


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