How Good Is Kayaking For Exercise? Discover Its Main Benefits As A Workout


Kayaking can be one of the most entertaining water activities out there. More and more people invest in their own personal kayaks, only to enjoy water adventures on a regular basis. You can also go fishing with these cool kayaks. The truth is that most kayaking enthusiasts do it for fun. However, this kind of activity also counts as an intense workout that tackles the main major groups in your body. So, what kind of health benefits should you expect when taking your kayak on water?

Losing Weight

If you’re interesting in shedding a few pounds, kayaking on a regular basis will certainly bring in some changes. Generally speaking, moving a kayak at 5MPH asks for about 0.1HP. Doing it continuously for one hour will most likely burn at least 400 calories.

Sure, you can take breaks every once in a while, but the general idea is quite obvious – the more you paddle, the more fat you will burn.

Upper Body Workout

The upper body represents the main part to focus on during a workout. Most people do that when in the gym for a simple reason – it’s the most visible part. It’s right under your eyes, so that’s what you focus on. Paddling with full strokes will most likely work on any muscle in the core.

Kayaking is a low impact exercise, so you can do it for hours without feeling exhausted. To give you a hint about its efficiency, keep in mind that moving the kayak at 3MPH for a whole hour is equal to over 1,500 repetitions of a low impact exercise.

Cardiovascular Health

Due to its low impact profile, kayaking makes a good cardio exercise. It improves the heart rate, but also strengthens the heart muscles. In other words, your heart will pump blood more efficiently. Your whole body will indirectly benefit from a good cardio.

Most fitness enthusiasts dislike cardio workouts though. It’s easy to tell why – they sweat and they feel tired as soon as they’re done. When kayaking, all these issues become history because you exercise while actually having fun.

Better Looking Legs

Just like cardio, leg workouts are a nightmare, especially as you’ll barely be able to walk during the next few days. You don’t need to push too hard to have good looking legs though. When kayaking, your body puts lots of pressure on the leg assists, especially when turning the boat or balancing it.

This is practically an isometric exercise. Most fitness centers actually store paddling machines on side, which imitate the kayak movements. Squeezing the muscles in your legs over and over again will increase their strength and define muscles.

Mental Health

Exercising is not all about physical workouts, but also about boosting your brain. Such an aerobic exercise boosts the production of brain chemicals responsible for your happiness. Whether you have a bad day or you’re overstressed, a kayaking session will relax you in no time.


In the end, kayaking is obviously not just about having fun. When done regularly, it makes one of the most complete workouts out there, leading to a plethora of health benefits in the long run.


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