How Alcohol Inhibits Fat Loss


NOTE: This article is not a substitute for sound medical advice. Please consult your primary medical provider for all health/wellness needs.

With the knowledge of fat loss and the role that food and drink plays into it, it’s worth noting the role of adult beverages in the fat-loss/lifestyle mix. Conventional wisdom suggested that beer bellies stemmed from alcohol calories being stored as fat. Recent studies have debunked this notion. Recent clinical trials have proven that alcohol reduces the amount of fat that the body can burn as energy. Here are a few more factoids on how alcohol inhibits fat loss:

(These findings are based on one drink)

  • Some of the alcohol is stored as fat.
  • Some of the alcohol is converted to acetate.
  • Acetate produced from the alcohol gets into the bloodstream, replacing the fat that is used as fuel.
  • Alcohol increases cortisol that accelerates muscle breakdown.
  • Alcohol reduces testosterone which stifles fat loss.
  • Alcohol also reduces human growth hormone (hGh), stopping fat loss.
  • Alcohol almost ensures overeating by increasing appetite- sabotaging your overall health/wellness regimen.


 Alcohol supplies 7 calories per gram- only fat has more calories per gram. Alcohol supplies at least 2X the amount of calories of protein and carbs. Since alcohol is a by-product of yeast digestion, it has irritating and disruptive effects on overall health, most notably the stomach lining and the liver, leading to health complications and even death. The weakening of the stomach lining affects digestion, which in turn affects the absorption of nutrients from food. The disruption of the stomach lining/digestive system by libations also affects metabolism (fat loss). The liver, the processing center for toxins as well as fats- essential for having and maintaining a healthy body composition. Adult beverages at their worst interrupts and impedes the detoxification process.

In closing, this article has gone into how harmful alcohol is to your weight-loss regimen based on only ONE drink. With the summer months approaching, holidays, vacations are to follow. Please use your best judgment inside and outside the gym when it comes to drinking. If you must drink, drink in moderation. Alcohol is a destructive force for fitness regimens. Think before you drink!!




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