Eating Right Vs. Eating Healthy – What’s The Difference?


For what seems to be eons, we are told that to have a good overall physique we must “eat right”. Now, we all know what that really means- making better choices in your eating habits. But what about those who are not close to food supplies? What about those who are not able to enjoy certain foods due to a condition they have?

Eating right is one of those accepted phrases in the world today that applies to fitness and overall health. Does it really mean that there is a right way to eat? Like I had mentioned earlier, what if you are not as blessed as some are with having readily available food sources? What if you live in a nation that is experiencing a drought (and its accompanying famines)? In my view, there is only eating and not eating. There should be a definition to the phrase “eating right”.

Eating healthy, on the other hand, is all about better choices in eating, portion control, not overeating, and so on. It is also important to eat healthy, especially as you age. Did you know certain foods will unlock therapeutic benefits? Some “superfoods” are touted as being a “fountain of youth” for some people with specific health concerns.

The point I am getting at is basically that “eating right” all depends on who you ask … for certain jobs … or just in general. There needs to be a concrete definition to this phrase as “eating right” is too vague. It does not cover everything you need to do to have optimal health and to live your best life. Better eating habits, a more cerebral approach to workouts and knowing yourself and knowing your body will fill in the gaps that “eating right” does not cover. Also, look at all the people who are “eating right” and still are not seeing the results they wished they could see….

Healthy eating is only one part of optimal health. Fitness should not be solely about looks in the first place. It should be about constant improvement, the evolution of the self, the body and the mind. You combine a solid foundation of good eating habits with a great work ethic (workouts, relaxation) and you have a winning combination that will get you to your fitness goals.

In conclusion, I am writing this in hopes to get people thinking about making better lifestyle choices, better eating habits and better ways of dealing with stress. This fitness thing isn’t one-size-fits-all, and it cannot be explained with phrases such as “eating right”.

I am a firm believer of constant improvement, a strong work ethic and a tireless desire for greatness. This fitness thing crosses over into almost every area of your life based on actions and mindsets.


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