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Arran Gimba, Founder

Arran Gimba is the founder of Oregon Sports News, the leading independent Oregon sports site on the web.

A graduate of the University of Portland, Arran has interned for the Portland Trail Blazers and worked for the Portland Winterhawks and the Oregon Sports Authority. While at the Oregon Sports Authority, he brought several high-profiled events to the state, including the 25th Anniversary of the STIHL Timbersports Series, XTERRA Trail Running National Championships, USA Cycling National Cyclo-Cross Championships, ABA/BMX Great Northwest Nationals, and USA Rugby North America 4 Tournament.

While at the University of Portland, Arran co-hosted a sports radio show, “Sportsweek” for four years, interviewing guests such as ESPN’s Colin Cowherd, former Sportscenter anchor Larry Beil, basketball great A.C. Green, and Emmy-award winning comedian Jeff Cesario.

Arran is also an accomplished published author of two books: To Light a Fire and Other Short Stories and Not True Stories From Oregon. Arran was also a contributing researcher for Gary Andrew Poole’s biography of Red Grange, The Galloping Ghost.

Arran currently resides in Portland, Oregon.


OSN Senior Writers

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Garrett Thornton

Julian Rogers

John Stupak

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Wade Evanson


Garrett Thornton

Garrett Thornton

Garrett Thornton is a sportswriter that covers the Portland Trail Blazers, the Oregon Ducks and business related topics in the world of sports. His love for sports came at a very young age and was met by his love for journalism in high school. As the Sports Editor for his high school newspaper, Garrett really learned to embrace and enjoy various angles and aspects of all types of sports. After a job shadow at the Oregonian, he thought journalism might be in his future. Life led in a different path but in March 2012, Garrett began writing from Since joining the OSN team he has had the opportunity to interview and meet a lot of great people in the Blazers, Ducks, and Thunder organizations and is excited to see what the future holds. 

Julian Rogers

Julian Rogers is a freelance writer, communications consultant and owner of Juju Eye Communications. Follow him on Twitter (@thejujueye), or connect with him on LinkedIn and Google+. He is a graduate of the University of Portland.

Wade Evanson

Wade Evanson is a life-long sports fan whose knowledge ranges from major league sports the likes of Football, Baseball and Basketball to more niche sports like Golf, Tennis and even Cricket.  While born in Southern California, Wade has spent the better part of his life in Oregon, attending Elementary, High School and even College in the Beaver State.  Despite an educational background in Business, the bulk of his brain is occupied by an inordinate amount of trivial data which he feverishly applies to his work as a freelance writer.  He prides himself in his ability to argue…any point, cloak his inability to lose gracefully…at anything, and squeeze an ungodly amount of golf into the calendar year.  Aside from local contingents, Wade does and always has rooted for the Los Angeles Dodgers, St. Louis Rams (Here’s to them going back to L.A.) and Eric Dickerson…the greatest running back to ever tote the pigskin.

John Stupak

John Stupak has been a writer for OSN since 2015, covering everything from basketball to footgolf to theology. John is a graduate from Portland State University where he studied media communications and philosophy. Besides writing, he is a tech designer, husband and father. Having grown up in Oregon, John is a lifelong Portland Trail Blazers fan as well as pledging his allegiance, for better or for worse, to the Atlanta Braves and the Green Bay Packers. John also has the privilege of covering the Portland Thorns. In his spare time, John has a full-time job and stays up too late catching up on movies and TV shows of which he likes to share in his writing from time to time. When he is not being holed up inside a cubicle, John loves to run, hike, visit the beach or the newest brewery, and spending time with the family; as long as there is no game on. You can follow me on Twitter @Stupak77.