Russell Wilson

Seattle Seahawks To Russell Wilson – Here’s To Four More Years

The Seattle Seahawks front office must have been watching “Rounders” last night and finally realized what we all knew was the right move for the team and their future: “Pay him. Pay that man his money.” Russell Wilson is sporting a well-deserved $87.6M smile today, and the hidden value in this deal, is that Tarvaris […]

Russell Wilson

What Is Russell Wilson Worth To The Seattle Seahawks?

In the last three years, Russell Wilson has taken the Seahawks to highs they never dreamt of reaching before his arrival. From August of 2012 to February of 2015, Wilson has played for pennies on the dollar in terms of what he has accomplished as compared to what he has been compensated for. A third […]

Willamette River Loop

The Willamette River Loop Hike Will Not Disappoint

Urban is a lot of things. An eclectic environ that primarily overlooks hiking. That’s probably because we hikers are stealthy. Prowling by with our packed PB&Js and compasses before the locals even know what sort of manbeast passed by. Which is likely for our benefit since some of those denizens are rough as hell, and […]

Seattle Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks’ Last Hurrah?

As one of the younger teams in the NFL — atop the heap in terms of recent success — the Seattle Seahawks are thought to be one of the few teams that can rightfully claim to be a dynasty-in-the-making. Perhaps. And perhaps not. The 2015 Seattle Seahawks may be in a more win-now-before-the-wheels-come-off mode than […]


Portland Trail Blazers’ Aminu To Participate In First NBA Game In Africa

An offseason acquisition from the Dallas Mavericks, forward Al-Farouq Aminu will play for Team Africa as it takes on Team World in the NBA Africa game set to take place in Johannesburg, South Africa this Saturday.  This game comes as part of the partnership between Basketball Without Borders and the NBA, and is the first […]

Hermiston Little League

The Big Picture Of Little League

The interesting news you hear from kid sports is usually about parents. And it’s not good news. Reading about someone going berserk at a youth sport game is your chance to say, “I’d never do that,” and you’re probably right. But you never know what you might do until you’re in that heated moment and […]

Mike Miller

Portland Trail Blazers Might Not Be Done Making Lopsided Trades

The Portland Trail Blazers continued their busy offseason this past weekend with a trade that brought over Brendan Haywood, Mike Miller and two future second-round picks. The move itself was designed to acquire assets (neither Haywood nor Miller will likely ever suit up in Rip City), but the real story here isn’t what the team […]

Fernandy Rodney

Dealing With Grief And The 2015 Seattle Mariners

Just before the 2015 baseball season was set to kick off, the city of Seattle was abuzz with hope and expectations; why shouldn’t it? Baseball experts everywhere were building the Mariners up to be one of the top teams in the game.  Talking heads on TV and the ‘net were praising General Manager Jack Zduriencik’s […]

Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson May Or May Not Deserve The Money He’s Asking For, But As An NFL Player … He’ll Earn It

In the wake of the NBA’s not-so-silent auction season, I’ve realized something:  Football players don’t make enough money. Yes, professional athletes make a lot of money, and some more than others.  But after watching NBA owners recently handing out money like Billy Ray Valentine from Trading Places, coupled with the less-than-100% effort seen on any […]

Russell Wilson

Why Russell Wilson Should Sign His Contract And Sign Today

I’m not an economist, nor do I play one on TV. But, is it really that hard to see that Russell Wilson should absolutely sign the deal currently being offered by the Seattle Seahawks before playing this year for $1.52 million? And, no, I’m not making one of those moronic, comment section, arguments that go […]

FC Dallas

Will Road Woes Doom The Portland Timbers?

The Portland Timbers visited a red-hot FC Dallas team on Saturday, falling 4-1 and spoiling the debut of new Designated Player Lucas Melano. Michael Barrios scored twice in the first half, and Kellyn Acosta and Mauro Diaz each added another in the second. For the Timbers, Fanendo Adi tacked on a penalty kick drawn by […]