5 Best Chest Exercises For Beginners


In the spirit of ‘The Basics Always Win’, I will offer my list of the five best exercises for beginners.

Those of you who are new to lifting and fitness in general can use this as a baseline to get your fitness journey started in a safe, healthful manner instead of succumbing to a lot of what I call ‘fitness fiction’.

As always, consult your primary care provider before starting any fitness regimen. This article and oregonsportsnews.com is not a substitute for sound medical advice by a licensed physician.

This list is for beginners, novices and newbies.

  • The push-up. One of the foundational exercises. There are at least 3 angles to attack those pecs. The push-up is great. Recruiting the chest fibers and working them is essential for pectoral hypertrophy.
  • Bench Press. The grandaddy of em all. Perfect for size and strength for the chest.
  • Cable crossovers. Using a workable weight, you can light up your chest and do it as safely as possible (Slow is smooth, smooth is fast). This exercise works wonders.
  • Pec-Deck or seated machine fly. This exercise is almost a combination of the other three. Use a workable weight and a good controlled motion to get the job done.
  • Lying dumbbell flye. Using a good combination of form, a workable weight and a desire to “get it in”, this exercise just may be your go-to chest exercise.

The above link is a full-on beginner’s chest workout. It shows how to do the exercises discussed here.


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