Mark Helfrich

Oregon Football Coach Mark Helfrich Needs To Be Seen And Heard In 2014

Quick – describe Mark Helfrich in five words. Quiet? Smart? Company man? Oregonian? Do you know or are you guessing? Here’s what we have for sure: Helfrich is from Medford. He was a college quarterback at Southern Oregon, where he was a popular and influential leader in a school community that was struggling to settle […]

Lake Oswego High School

Lake Oswego’s Weed Season

What happens in Vegas might stay in Vegas, but the same rules don’t apply to football camp. Imagine yourself as a high school sophomore good enough to play varsity in one of Oregon’s best football programs. It’s so good that players from other schools transfer to LO for the experience. You might be a star […]

Earl Thomas

Ready Or Not – The Seattle Seahawks Roster Measured For Week One

Preseason game number three is in the books as the regular season looms. The Seattle Seahawks had little difficulty dispatching the overmatched visiting Chicago Bears on Friday night at CenturyLink Field. It was the final tune-up for Seattle’s frontline players. Expect few of the Seahawks’ top players to get on the field in the final […]

Point After

What Degree of Difficulty? Looking At NFL PAT Distance

Weeks one and two of the NFL pre-season saw the experiment with extra point kick distance yield mildly interesting results. Last year, with the ball placed traditionally at the two yard line, effectively creating a 20 yard extra point, NFL kickers nailed 1,262 of 1,267 extra point attempts, or 99.6%. In the 32 games played […]

Timbers Sounders

Total Surrender – Seattle Sounders Humiliate Portland Timbers

Obafemi Martins had the ball and a counter-attacking opportunity, and Clint Dempsey got on his horse. He had to make a 50-some-odd yard run to get into the box, blow away the retreating Michael Harrington in the process, collect, and finish past Timbers goalkeeper Donovan Ricketts to make this extraordinary effort worth it. Dempsey looked to […]

Portland Thorns Logo

Portland Thorns Need One Goal For 2015

Amid a sweltering Missouri sun and a field you could cook dinner on, the Portland Thorns fell 2-0 to FC Kansas City on Saturday ending their turbulent season. The Thorns could never get their offense to click and their defense had one lapse too many to overcome. A season that never fully get off the […]

Indianapolis Colts v San Diego Chargers

2014 Fantasy Football Preview – AFC Edition

Last week, we looked at some NFC players to grab and some to avoid. This week we look at some of targets from the AFC. Quarterback GRAB: Philip Rivers, SD AVOID: Andy Dalton, CIN Here is a good question for Fantasy owners: “Who was second in the AFC and third in the NFL in QB […]

Christine Sinclair

Portland Thorns Head To The Playoffs To Face Archenemy – The Road

The Portland Thorns earned a ticket to the playoffs last Sunday thanks to a header by Alex Morgan that ended up being the lone point of a 1-0 victory over top seeded Seattle. Portland will now head to the playoffs in defense of their NWSL crown against a familiar first round foe in FC Kansas […]

Lindsay Brandon

Bust Out Your [Neoprene] Booties – Fall Is Coming!

Not to be another annoying person to remind you that fall will be here soon, but I’d like to offer some exciting activities that await you besides Monday night, Thursday evening, and all of Sunday. By all means, savor every last bit of barbeque and sun. But in the meantime, I would also like to […]