LaMarcus Aldridge

LaMarcus Aldridge Deserves San Antonio

It’s been nine years. Nine years with LaMarcus Aldridge as the reluctant star. If he hasn’t assumed his proper position as an NBA champion in Portland, he deserves to get there someplace else. Why San Antonio? Tradition unlike any other. The Spurs had the great David Robinson toiling year after year. He seemed destined to […]

Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao

Viewing Guide To The Best Sports Watching Day Of The Year

As a sports fan, you get used to the idea of each sport having its own season. Sure, there’s a couple months of overlapping here and there, but, at this point, each sport has carved out their window to dominate the sports landscape. Football is king from about October all the way through early February, […]

Kelowna Rockets

Portland Winterhawks Now In Best Of Three – Finals Start In One Week

The Portland Winterhawks and Kelowna Rockets semifinal series is shaping up to be a classic right down to the wire. The first two games were split with 3-2 scores in Kelowna before the series shifted to Portland. Game three saw the Hawks pick up three second period goals and yet another standout performance by Adin […]

Terry Stotts

Portland Trail Blazers Initial Off-Season Thoughts

Unfortunately for the basketball-crazed city of Portland, the season is over. Just like any basketball season, this one was full of ups and downs and they will all be covered and talked about over and over again in the coming months. This is going to be a very busy off-season for the Blazers. It is […]

NFL Draft Helmet

Simply Awesome Sports – Episode 30 – NFL Draft Picks And Potential Trades

The boys are back again and we finished going through all 32 picks of the first round.  We talk about potential trades and what teams would do if they were as smart as us.  Enjoy the draft and we will be back to recap.  If you have any questions, or would like to make fun of our picks, send us an email to

Pete Carroll

Seattle Seahawks – The Perfect Draft

With your first pick in the NFL draft, you select a pass rusher who will collect 19.5 sacks in his first three seasons, good for the third-best start in franchise history behind only Jeff Bryant and Cortez Kennedy. With you second pick, you take a middle linebacker who becomes an All-Pro. Your third pick is […]

Robin Lopez, Marc Gasol

Thoughts On Game Five Between The Portland Trail Blazers And Memphis Grizzlies

The Portland Trail Blazers were able to salvage some pride this postseason, avoiding the brooms of the Memphis Grizzlies and forcing a Game 5 tonight at the Grindhouse. I would suggest that this was a repeat of the second-round series against the San Antonio Spurs last year, but the facial fractures sustained by Mike Conley, […]

UFC fighter Jon "Bones" Jones

Jon Jones And Demetrious Johnson – A Tale Of Two Champions

Jon Jones is once again caught in a whirlwind of controversy. This time it is alleged that Jones fled the scene of car accident in which he ran a red light hitting a car with a pregnant woman inside. To make matters worse, the pregnant woman suffered a broken arm in the accident. But it […]

NFL Draft

Simply Awesome Sports – Episode 29 – NFL Draft Picks 1-12 And Avengers 2

With the NFL Draft coming up this weekend, the guys from Simply Awesome Sports are here to give you a preview of each team!  Actually, that would take a long time.  Therefore, we are going to be doing 2 shows this week.  Today we go through picks 1-12 and talk about team needs and players available.
Don’t worry, we also talk about the other big show from the weekend.  Avengers 2!  If you are not watching the draft, you should be watching Avengers kicking some Ultron lower circuit board.
Aaron Curry

Seattle Seahawks Draftland – Where The First Round Doesn’t Matter

It’s been said that the Seattle Seahawks are a “draft-and-develop” team so often that we generally accept it as fact. What’s more true of recent Seahawks squads is that the blue birds excel at drafting and developing later-round prospects. The top two rounds? Not so much. Can you have a good team without hitting on […]

Tim Tebow

Can Tim Tebow Shine In The Philadelphia Eagles Offense?

Tim Tebow remains a polarizing person to this day despite not having played since 2012. Many of his detractors hate him because of his outspoken beliefs, while his supporters say he doesn’t get a fair shake because of them. Many of his critics would point out his 48% completion rate, his dismal throwing yards, and […]

Clint Dempsey

Clint Dempsey’s 77th Minute Goal Lifts Seattle Past The Portland Timbers 1-0

On Sunday, the cities of Seattle and Portland pitted their respective soccer teams against each other for the 89th time. Other than the inherent rivalry that accompanies every Portland-Seattle match, this was not a particularly remarkable or memorable game, and Seattle won 1-0 on a goal coming from a fortunate bounce. There were no singular […]

Hawks Rockets

Final Four In WHL Playoffs Heating Things Up

The final four teams that are vying for a shot at the WHL finals and a spot in the Memorial Cup are underway. They are definitely worthy of their place in the semifinals. Out east, it appears the Calgary Hitmen will have more than just their work cut out for them. Following their last two […]